How to Play PUBG Mobile With a Controller 2024

Here's the most effective way to use the controller on PUBG Mobile

Can you use a controller on pubg mobile? - Popular games like PUBG Mobile offer quality gameplay on Android and iOS. But unfortunately, PUBG Mobile has limited controller support.

Even so, there are several ways to improve the gaming experience. Here's how to use the controller in PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS users:

PUBG Mobile does not officially support Bluetooth controllers on Android and iOS devices. There are ways to get around this with certain plug-ins and devices, but this is not officially supported.

However, users can play PUBG Mobile using a controller. Just load it on your PC using a PUBG Mobile PC emulator such as Tencent Gaming Buddy/Gameloop or Bluestacks.

The app allows users to fully customize inputs to use any PC game controller, mouse, or keyboard.

Not only that, several manufacturers also make devices that work with battle royale games.

The tool is essentially a trigger that clips onto the phone and allows users to fire without taking their thumb off the virtual button.

This tool is available in two types. One, which just clips on at the top and another which can fit the entire phone into the case.

Both can be used to play PUBG Mobile or other mobile games and are much easier to master.

Tencent is rumored to be updating its flagship first person shooter (FPS) game, PUBG Mobile, with several new features. (Photo: PUBG Mobile)

PUBG Mobile. (Photo: PUBG Mobile)

How to use the controller in PUBG Mobile

Before using it, players will need to go into settings and adjust the control scheme so that the fire button appears below the trigger point.

To do this, here are the steps you can follow:

1.Open Settings in game.

2.Tap Customize Buttons.

3.Select one of the layouts and press Customize.

4.Users can move any button they want to the top of the screen where the trigger appears.

5.Users may also want to create and save new layouts.

This way, players can change the layout when not playing with the PUBG Mobile trigger.

Once finished, tap Save and Exit.

How to customize buttons in PUBG Mobile

During the game, click Settings.

Go to the Customize Buttons tab.

Select one of the layouts and select Customize.

Move the buttons as the player wishes.

Click Save.

Tap the Exit button.

Since PUBG Mobile was released years ago, Tencent or Lightspeed & Quantum have given no indication that the game will gain controller support in the future.

Even so, other big Tencent franchises such as Call of Duty Mobile received controller support at the end of 2019, so it is possible that in the future PUBG Mobile will also get official controller support.